Design & Decorating

Seek Design & Renovation is not only a quality construction company but we also offer design and decorating services that set us apart form any other remodeling and restoration company. We can assist you with those first crucial steps in making design decisions. We recommend, when doing a major remodeling project to have 3-D drawings done first. This way you and Seek Design & Renovation will have professional drawings to work off of. Our remodeling designers have vast experience and knowledge of construction to change existing homes into what you want or need. Why move when you can remodel, reshape and update your current home sweet home. Let Seek Design & Renovation produce interiors and exteriors that are consistent with your taste, lifestyle and budget. We can guide you through the entire design and decorating process to help you make good decisions, avoid costly mistakes which will save you valuable time.

Our Interior Design & Decorating Services Include:

  • Jobsite Observation
  • 3D drawings of your project
  • Architectural &¬†engineer approved drawings
  • Product Research
  • Material Selections (flooring, paint, fixtures, etc.)
  • Window Treatments
  • Furniture Selection & Placement
  • Room Makeovers