Water Mitigation & Restoration

Seek Design & Renovation is here when disaster strikes your home or business. Whether you encounter a water loss or flooding, we provide you with water restoration to home reconstruction services to re-build and get your life back to normal as soon as possible. We will expertly examine each area affected by water or flood damage to ensure the removal of all the excess water so that your home or business is completely moisture and mold free.

We will then work directly with you, your insurance company or the claims adjuster; to ensure that your insurance claim covers as much of the damage as possible to handle the build back process.
One of our responsive Project Managers will provide you with a complimentary estimate that will cover the scope of the damage. We utilize the same estimate software that all insurance companies use to determine the same fair market price for the cost of mitigation & build back services.

Please remember, that your insurance adjuster is going to do everything under the sun to make the claim amount as small as possible to get your property restored. Therefore, is it crucial to have experts, like us, on your side so you will receive the actual cost needed to restore your property. Adjusters are not restoration experts, so while they have knowledge about the process, sometimes they need to be educated. Let us communicate effectively with adjusters so that they fully understand what work needs to be done.

Also understand that your insurer does not get to pick what restoration company you work with. If you have already called, they most likely told you to call a certain company. Why? Because that company is really cheap and your insurance company is paying for the service. So, in other words, you will receive a cut-rate service on their dime. You are going to have to live with the results of the service provided so make it your choice- the right choice. Call us and you will have a company that understands this business and how it works to help you navigate through the insurance process.

Our client’s say it best.

“We selected Seek Design & Renovation to manage the complete restoration of our home due to severe water damage. They planned & managed the entire restoration process, which produced a final product that more than met our expectations. We highly recommend, without reservation this firm for your any restoration needs you may be undertaking. With deep appreciation!” Charles and Linda Manley

“Seek Design & Renovation are quite the professionals, through what has been a very difficult time for my family, after we had a house fire and lost our home. Seek Design & Renovation built our home back to the way it was prior to the loss and is truly a blessing, thank you so much!” -The Johnson Family

“A big thank you for the first-class job that Seek Design & Renovation did in re-building our home after the devastating fire.”- Michael Schardt